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Many thanks for your prompt and informative response, Andrew! The information you provided in your answer is very helpful. – Jack Kaufman

Hi, I’m Andrew Chapman. I help authors and experts make better books… from draft to publication. I’ve helped hundreds of people with their books, and I’d like to help you too! [You can find out more about me here. I have edited and designed books on all manner of subjects for mainstream publishers and for authors like you; I’m very well versed in the main indie/self-publishing platforms, and I regularly experiment with my own publishing projects so I see all sides of the picture. I’m in the UK but help people all over the world. And I use semicolons ;) ]

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You can ask me any general question about the writing or publishing process (everything from routes to market right down to asking about grammar, editing, file formats or royalties) and I’ll answer it in the next available newsletter, as well as posting the answer here.

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